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    Overcoming My Writer’s Block

    A couple of months ago I was ready to bring some new ideas to my blog.  Suddenly my blog wanted to me know something important.  First I had to succumb to the delusion of a local zombie flu.  My blog haunted my dreams while I lay sick in bed.  Lingering on the verge of death I finally decided to crawl my way to what makes for a sick bay in Wiesbaden.  Armed with antibiotics and seasonal allergy meds I made a speedy recovery. There was only one problem.  I was unable to write. Well, Okay. Maybe what my writer’s block needed was a little getaway.  So without much ado we…

  • Weekly *Winks*

    What does this symbol mean?

    Symbols used & Why: The unicorn represents innocence, purity, and healing. The dragon to show the defender & the protector. The phoenix to show that no matter the trial we will rise again. Each symbol was placed in the Sam Saeg-ui Taegeuk. A Korean Yin Yang symbol that represents heaven, earth, and humanity. The Unicorn is positioned in Heaven’s section (normally blue I decided to go with Orange to represent new ideas & freedom from limitations. It is also the color of hope during difficult times by giving us permission to move on. In other words it rejuvenates & inspires adventurers to seek their goals. Plus Brian thinks it looks…

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