How have I helped you with my Winks?

“Christi, you helped me to not murder my ex-husband and get arrested.” Florida Winkie

“Christi, you help people in so many ways. Your fun stories, shoulder to cry on, ear to listen, honest feedback, you call us on our crap, voice of reason, out of the box ideas. You are a sparkling unicorn.” Texas Winkie

“Christi, your blog reminds me that I can overcome my own depression. That while I suffer from depression silently, I am not alone.  I forget that I am not the only one with battles to be fought.  Even in my own home and with the ones I love the most, I can be blind to their silent struggles.  Your blog gives me an insight into how they may feel and reminds me to try to be aware of what they are going through.” Deutschland Winkie

“Christi, your blog reminds me to enjoy the little things in life.  That often it is the little things that we need to hold onto to make life not so bleak.  For me your blog is not always about the bad things or overcoming hard times.  It is about remembering to be a part of life.” North Carolina Winkie

position November 16, 2015

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