Seoul Searching in Frankfurt

Tracking my friend’s fight into Frankfurt, I knew my self-acclaimed vegetarian friend was miserable.  What better way to erase the …

My Favorite wandering *winks* in Mainz

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing where we wandered in Mainz on this recent trip!

In case you missed it;

Walking in Mainz

Part One-St …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Six

Traveling down from the citadel we rounded the corner to view the Romisches Theater ruins.

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Then we …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Five

The Mainz Walking Tour continues!

Next it’s up to the Zitadelle…

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and the Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz.

This …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Four

The Mainz Walking Tour continues!

I’m not very big on churches.

Usually if you have seen one, you’ve seen them all.  As you …

Mainz Walking Tour-Part Three

The Mainz Walking Tour continues!

Walking around the corner we discovered St Christoph with its touching memorial reflecting on the victims of WWII and …