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    Discover the Hidden Gems of the Black Forest!

    As a child I have fond memories of escaping with my father to the Black Forest.  I remember traveling on a train and meeting new friends over a dining cart.  I remember taking a bus to a visit a shop and their cuckoo clocks.  When Honey Bear asked me where I wanted to go… I knew where my heart was yearning for! The timing was a little off because we would be visiting a couple weeks before the tourist season began.  We didn’t let that deter us.  We packed up.  Set our sights on a working farm near the Triberg area and *poof* we were rewarded with the romantic and rustic charms of the Schwäblehof.…

  • Travel Tips

    Hiking the Bastei Bridge

    From Dresden we took the train to the Bad Schandau area, crossed the ferry and entered the little town of Rathen.   We stopped for refreshments at a little shack, then followed the path from Rathen to Amsel Falls.  Climbing the stairs above the falls and the nature station we followed the Rathewalder Fußweg to the Bastei Bridge (Basteibrücke).   Right before you cross the bridge there is the Berghotel and a scenic place to grab refreshments and souvenirs.  Also make this your restroom break, it’s the best opportunity to take care of things for awhile. Crossing the bridge and on the way back down to Rathen you will have an opportunity to wander in the open…

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