Our Favorite Places to Visit

One of the pleasures I get out of life is traveling!

Despite all the planning, it is always what is around the next corner that excites me most.  Some adventures were more enjoyable with family members and some were pieces of heaven I found in smaller quantities.  On certain trips it was about traveling to see the world.  On others it was an unexpected journey to finding ourselves, seeing the world as it really is.  All of these adventures brought us closer, enlarged our views of the world, and played an important role in reminding us that participating in this life is the never-ending-adventure!

To help you plan your next adventure, I have put together places we have enjoyed with our favorite bloggers or resources we think you will find helpful.  Go ahead!  Take a look at a few of our favorite places and be inspired to fall in love with your own plans!

In Western Europe

Our Favorite Places In France:

Our Favorite Places In Germany:

In Northern Europe

Our Favorite Places In Ireland:


Our Favorite Places In England:

Our Favorite Places In the Netherlands:


In Central Europe

Our Favorite Places In the Czech Republic:


As we travel, I promise to come back and update our favorites!  

In the meantime, what are your favorite places to visit?

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