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What if Postcards were more than a Celebration of your Trip?

In the past, I would send postcards that said Hey! How are you? I am sending you a postcard from this cool place and I was thinking of you. I am pretty sure there was a rule about sending an interesting tidbit in every postcard. Which works fine if you are traveling. But what if we were to send postcards from the point of our everyday lives?

I did buy a bunch of cards but they never made it to the post office. This time, instead of attempting to do something that doesn’t work for me, how about we share snapshots of our lives? Postcard-like moments we can immediately send out and share. I created a new group this year where we can share our moments.

What would you write about then?

Everyday there are unsung moments. These moments make-up or reinforce who we are.

Let’s write about the thing that made us smile. Let’s write to each other about the goal we failed at and then how we got back up again and had another go! Let’s write how we are stretching ourselves into being better human beings. Together we can share snippets of how we are growing. When we make space for ourselves, we can give space to others. We see the world around as we are. Let’s help create a better world through these moments.

I am inviting you to celebrate the little things in life that hold meaning for you. While we do that, we are actively reprogramming our brains to acknowledge the things we value.  Doing this on a regular basis helps us reconnect with who we are and empowers us to help others. The world needs us to figure that out.

Ready to Keep on Winking with me? Good.

Let’s do this.

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