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    Define Yourself

    Where can you go for a good taco these days? If I asked you to share with me your favorite taco joint, where would you send me? I hope you tell me about your favorites. But lately it seems that instead of sharing what we love and why we love it, we insist on telling people their experience is invalid. We tell them what they should like. We quickly put down other people’s preference and we shun those who don’t agree with us. I’m currently binging Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Season 9: Episode 1. In this episode Bourdain explores the Los Angeles area through the eyes of the Mexicans and…

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    Seoul Searching the Best Cafes in Seoul

    One of the things I love about living in Korea are the beautiful cafes. Every time I visit Seoul, I try to find a one or two cafes I have heard about. Occasionally I come across one by pure accident. I don’t even mind going alone because I like the way a cafe can recharge you and make you feel human again. Besides giving me a place to collect my thoughts, I love the way they add character to the neighborhoods they are in. While there is an abundance of cafes in Seoul, I did find a few places underwhelming with their over overpriced drinks and overly hyped marketing. Happily, I…

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