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2020 Words

It is that time of the year where everyone is sharing their word for the year. As I grow older I find I am having a harder time committing to overly positive and ambiguous words. Being extremely positive ALL the time made me blind to things. It contributed to me being ignorant. It took time for me to regain a sense of balance through awareness. It’s weird that there is a part of me that wants to join in and there is an equally strong part of me resisting it. Instead of choosing between the two, I am going to make space for both.

A couple of years ago I decided to try it out. I decided on No More… From Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, where we see the painting ‘Gallifrey Falls No More’. An episode where it explains that the Doctor steals the Moment and ends the Time War. I adapted it for my own purposes. That year I decided it meant No More BS. I forgot about it, but somehow I internalized it. It became a personal anthem.

Gallifrey falls no more

Last year I decided to stick with it. Kind of halfheartedly, but I thought what would it hurt. Let’s see what happens. And that was when I realized these words don’t mean anything unless you take action to support it. I looked back and saw that I had picked similar words to No More in the past, but it was nothing more than a wish. I realize that if the word really means anything for me, even though I would forget about it, it is still with me. I noticed that sometimes the meaning of that word changes for me and sometimes we outgrow a word part way through the year.

This year I wanted a word that reminded me to look for the little things. I wanted a word that celebrated and made space for the non-essential parts of my life. The things I neglected. A word that was an expression of self care.

This year I decided that word is Discover.

The thing is, I know that word is going to change. It will mean different things to me throughout the year. And I have decided it is okay to be weird with my word. It might even mean I need a different word somewhere down the road and I am open to that. To show you the power of words, and their impact in my life, I am making this a year long post. Each month I will update this post with what Discover means to me.

I decided to create a new Facebook group this year to help keep me on track and remind me to celebrate the little things. It’s been a while since I did a ‘Hunt the Good Stuff’ challenge. Which is why I am revamping the ‘Life as Postcard’ Group. Read more about this group here: Keep on Winking Daily.

For those not on Facebook, I will be updating my Youtube and Instagram with the same theme. I look forward to seeing what you like discovering about your day.

What about you? Have you figure out what your words are for 2020?

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