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Capturing Paris with the Book Fairies

When the word came down that our days in Europe was coming to an end, I panicked.  No!  This can’t be happening!  I have so much more to see!  There simply wouldn’t be enough time to see it all.  After stressing about it I decided that just because I was moving, it didn’t mean I would never come back this way again.  I made peace with myself and focused on what I really wanted to see before I left.  On the short list was Paris.  I knew right then I must find someone who loved Paris as much as I did.  I rang for the Book Fairy.

“You’re moving?”

“Afraid so.”

“So am I!” 

An exchange of details revealed we were soon to be ships passing mere inches from each other in the night.

“When are we going to see each other again?”

“Well… if you have time, we could meet in Paris?”

We packed our bags and off we went to write and wander the streets of literary Paris.  Along the way we dispersed a few of Emily Curtis‘ military romance books around town.

I have to admit, it was fun to help! Especially when you hear how inspiring the books are-you start to understand that romance novels can bring a little extra spice to a relationship!

The remainder of our time we spent wandering different areas for places to write and generally allowed ourselves to enjoy whatever we happened upon.  In every way, Paris was a pleasure to walk.

Interesting enough I ran into a demonstration.  I didn’t realize it was an all day event, and one that would be in enforce in different parts of the city.  The pictures below were from what I saw around the Arc de Triomphe.  Which was kind of cool until I ran into a separate demonstration while trying to catch the train home.  I was cut off from the closest Metro line and had to reconsider my route.  Without my phone.  In rush hour traffic.  Once I was able to reconnect with the internet I looked up what I witnessed and tried to understand what Manifestation Day was all about.  Basically it was a day to protest labor policies, but I wish I knew more.

Emerging at Porte d’Italie I noticed policeman on every street.

Of course the only thing more beautiful than the sights in Paris, is the food.  Which deserves a post of its own!  Coming soon!

In my heart there will always be time for Paris.

Which is why I can’t wait to share with you a couple of things to keep Paris with you!

La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise

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3 thoughts on “Capturing Paris with the Book Fairies

  1. Amy

    Oh how I want to go to Paris! To eat the food and take in all the beauty! Lilly asks weekly when I will take her. I tell her when she turns 13 and she gets so excited.

  2. Samantha Scott

    I’d just love to explore. Just to see new things. Check out the Boutiques.

  3. Eden

    I’m not sure what I’d like, but would like to just wander around Paris and explore.

    Hopefully, I’ll make it to Paris in this lifetime.

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