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Better than SEX cake

I couldn’t help myself.
I was talking about birthday cakes with a couple of friends and cakes that we could die for.
All of a sudden ~ I remembered how in Twentynine Palms I would wait in anticipation,
for one of my Marine Corps brothers to have his mom or his sister send him this cake!
(I most def did not squeal in the Corps…ahem)
With friends in high pursuit of this legendary cake, it became apparent that we all have our different taste in what we consider is Better than Sex… cake 🙂
When I asked my brother almost 12 years ago what his mom did that made it Better than Sex ~ he told me how she she used sweetened condensed milk, how she would make holes in the cake and put caramel AND butterscotch (but I don’t remember) over the top and then it would soak through out the cake…..
So I am THANKful for an awesomely resourceful friend that has an uncanny ability to find things like this
and I am thankFul for a Mom I never met!
This recipe (and picture) is brought to you by Megan’s Cookin!
What a wonderful way to end the hot month of August ,
Then to make this our monthly cooking project with the kids 🙂
I mean is that wrong? Am I corrupting them too early?
Should I eat it all by myself because of its sinfully delicious nature?
or should I, for the sake of their innocence, when they ask me for the name of this cake – and oh they will, bat my eyes and say “I don’t remember?”

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