Can Traveling Make You More Resilient?

A better life is virtually impossible without a succinct and clearly defined vision. What is a vision?

A vision is a preferable picture of the future. A man without a vision is a man without a future, a man without a future will always go back to his past.

Whenever you lack a clearly defined picture of the future, you tend to focus on your yesterday.         -Bernard Branson

Traveling is undeniably the best way for us to see what’s out there -and then what’s inside.

Our little adventures helps us do more than imagine a different life or a different culture.

It inspires us to go in new directions.

It forces us to see what we like and don’t like.

It helps us to decide what we want out of our life.

Most people I come across that have a limited vision or feel they lack purpose have not decided what they want.  They have no idea what they want or where they want to go… so they tell me they are happy where they are.  When in truth they don’t remember what makes them happy or the last time they truly were happy.

The contradiction they live is more apparent when they start to tell me all the things they that keep them in a miserable rut.  The only way to break free of a chaotic situation threatening to take over your life is to find the thing that motivates you… and practically everyone can find it by packing their bags!

When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change our selves, Viktor Frankl
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Why would I encourage everyone I know struggling with their purpose in life to travel and travel often?  Because an adventure of your choosing is only a success if you can recognize what inspires or motivates you.  What better place to learn what that is for you, then on the road?

First, You need a mission.

Otherwise you set yourself up for frustration and disappointment. Beginning with your core emotions and values, think if;

  • Art inspires you, plan a trip that nourishes the soul!
  • Culture inspires you then seek out a local event that is important to the area.  Put yourself in places where you can engage with the residents of that area!
  • History speaks to you visit a national or city history museum to take time to learn the importance of that area
  • You are a true Wandering master who enjoys the adventure for the sake of it, then you have a general idea of what to expect as far as the main attractions go… but you seek the moments that surprise you.  It’s important to make your way from point A to B, but it’s what turns up between them that excites you!

The people who get the most pleasure from their adventure are the ones with a mindset that the trip owes them nothing!  Being open-minded about your experiences helps you see the opportunity for new recipes or a chance to embrace a fashion trend that inspires you.  Adding something new to your life or giving yourself permission to express yourself in a new way is the reason you come back from your adventures feeling refreshed and fulfilled.  Recognizing your happy place and taking the time to immerse in what inspires you, allows you to fill up on life-giving energy that is essential to your well-being.  The kind of energy you need for a rainy day or a stormy season, but if you do it often enough it becomes a constant flow…and that’s why traveling is so addicting!

It seems to come so easily for some because everyone secretly thinks resiliency is something you naturally gain from being raised with the right resources.  In truth, it’s not possible for everyone to have supportive resources to make them amazing human beings

You ultimately have to decide where you might find the kind of support you need and how you can best use it, and then you have to experiment to discover if it’s what you need.  You can not thrive by living on someone’s handouts and template of happiness.  No matter how much you may crave it, what works for the -works for them.  You need to find what makes you happy, not what makes your neighbor happy!

On the other side of things, depression and anxiety is the result of living off an old or depleted idea of happiness.  It’s what happens when you put everyone else first or when you delay evaluating your own core values.  The best way to become stronger is to find the kind of support that gives you the freedom to seek out and reaffirm what makes you happy.  Without a doubt you have to find your happy place and protect it by visiting it often….

Once you figure out what excites you and what about a trip that excites you, the rest is easy.

The Problem for Most of us is Getting Out the Door!

Everyone has a bucket-list if they have ever taken time to think about the places that interest them… but only the people who dare to travel have the money to do it.

The world is a book St Augustine
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By that I mean, people who really want to go some place, invest in themselves.

They put money aside.  They imagine what they might see.  They make a list of places to go.  They decide when they will go.  People who want to travel draw a line in the sand and figure out how to make it happen.

Granted your very first trip might be so overwhelming that you decide to screw a duck and put it on a credit card.  It’s not a habit I recommend past your first adventure, but if it gets you out the door and one step closer to yourself… then do it.

The rest of us with less free spending money have to figure out what we are willing to give up to make that trip a reality.  In the beginning I had to start somewhere small, like giving up soda.  Once I could demonstrate to myself with something small that I had the confidence, I found I wasn’t really missing out on anything.  It was a matter of deciding what I would enjoy more!

Oh it’s the minimalist lifestyle for me.  At least that’s what I thought until the next hottest gadgets on the market reveal their attempts to woo me!  Luckily my shopping rules have saved me and over time I find it less painful to stand behind them.  Of course when I am struggling it helps if I have a trip in mind, then I can decide what is more important.

For me eating out or calling in for a Pizza is another tempting but expensive solution. Under pressure from running errands or a day riddled with unplanned stress, and it’s a sure bet that is the day I end up with The Terrible Cook award.  Plan A is a month of planned meals but even that can fall through!  Plan B are a set of go to meals that is simple to prepare.  Plan D? Ramen Noodles and canned soups.  While I won’t win many Instagram contests, I am happy to eat them so that the adventure continues!

Those are a couple of things that motivate me to put our money where our mouth is… but there are some key long-term benefits to traveling that motivates me at my core.

Here are 3 Ways Traveling Can Make You More Resilient

1.Learning about the past

I see traveling as a vital part of our ongoing and renewing source of education.  Taking a deeper interest in history or culture seems strange that while traveling removes the boundaries of inferior knowledge, stereotypes, and prejudices…  it reveals to us how little we actually know about the world and challenges us to think of things in a new way.   Traveling with an open mind means you will ask questions that will re-frame your ideas about the world.  Seeing the world in any number of ways opens my eyes to the possibilities that I never would have thought of.  With a new perspective you begin to see resources in a different way.  and sparks a deeper interest in history and culture!

2. Engaging in your community

The biggest benefit by far is that when we return home, our shared experiences brings us closer together!  It’s a moment to bond with one another by sharing something we remember.  So by sharing and reliving our happiest moments we reinforce the quality of our relationships.

Sharing with those who didn’t join us on the adventure is a secondary type of sharing.  When promoting happiness and encouraging others, it is a wonderful resource to connect those we care about to the resources we found!

3.  Taking care of yourself

Finally traveling is a form of self-care.  Traveling alone is the best gift you give yourself! When you travel you have to ask yourself questions like where you want to visit, where you want to sleep, and where you want to eat.  It is an opportunity for you to express yourself and your self-worth!

You might not have given these kind of choices much thought before but they add to your experience and happiness in little ways.  In some cases they can make or break a trip when it reveals who you really are and what you really are comfortable with.  It is an honest chance for you to align with yourself and come up with a game plan.

It is an opportunity to embrace change.

There will be times when obstacles demand flexibility.  Or the circumstance may call on you to use a resource you’ve never thought of.  Knowing that you are on your own and relying on your own merit builds the kind of confidence we need as healthy and happy human beings!

Travel is the best way to see yourself

These three benefits form a resiliency trifecta that gives traveling the power to transform us by reconnecting a our sense of purpose with our rediscovered identity.  Is it any wonder that traveling has inspired so many with a better vision for their future?

2 thoughts on “Can Traveling Make You More Resilient?

  1. Gillian

    I agree with you – traveling also opens ones eyes to other people’s lives and situations which might make us so disatisfied with our own lives we decide to make changes, or conversely, it can make us grateful when we thought we had little to be grateful for.

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      Traveling is absolutely a great motivator. It is a great way to remind me of what is really important and realign myself with that. 😉

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