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Cheers America! You have a new President!

First I would like to say… Congratulations my fellow Americans! Your voice was heard and the person that best represents you was elected. I’ve always wondered if we had the same idea about values and character. What I learned is that maybe my standards and expectations for a caring and progressive America was too high?

That perhaps I was naive about what my fellow Americans really cared about? What they really wanted? Or maybe because neither candidate was an appealing choice, it complicated our decision? Perhaps we should take what we didn’t like about this election and make it better for the next time around? Regardless I feel good, despite Trump claiming our election process was rigged he came out on top. All the vitriol about how horrible the government is and all of it’s mistakes… are now his!

He gets the awesome responsibility of leading our country, so CHEERS! I drink to you! For Americans everywhere!


Seriously, all I know is that Trump is a performer and like Reagan he apparently knows his audience well. I choose to think that the next 4 years could be really entertaining! Why? Because I hope that you will hold him accountable for whatever you think he is going to do for you. I hope you don’t sit back and relax. I hope you stay passionate and focused on the things that you think will make America Great Again.

As for me, instead of wasting energy on tearing down a president I don’t support I will focus on what unites and not what divides us.

Starting with this drink…

2 thoughts on “Cheers America! You have a new President!

  1. Justine

    Here here! Well said and I agree! Be careful what you wish for you might just get it. I believe that people who voted for Trump will have buyers remorse and they don’t have a receipt to return their purchase. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christi

      It’s going to be really interesting to see what changes they end up making. Cheers!

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