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December Wrapups and Winkie Loot

Hello Winkies,

Looking over the December posts it seems I failed to put together a Festivus post for you this year.

Know that we celebrated our festivities over the course of two weeks. We made 5 dozen cookies, eggnog pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spice playdoh.  We attended a Human Light Ceremony with friends.  We decorated sugar trees and graham cracker houses.  We also took a trip with our local homeschool friends to the Frankfurt Experiminta Science Center.

We even made it out the opening show of The Force Awakens.  Which is crazy because we tend to avoid the crowds! The best part? Neko was sweet *ahem* I mean super cool and treated us all to popcorn and drinks.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Opening Night

It seems all rosy but we did have had our ups and our downs this holiday season.  Luckily we made it -and hopefully you have too!

I did pick up some lovely Christmas cards to send but they haven’t made it to the post office yet.  Which is why I think it is amazing that so many of you were thoughtful and on top of it this year.  Thank you for the lovely cards, they certainly brighten my day and our tea bar.  😀

Living life is a consuming affair.  Here are the posts you might have missed this month;

December 7th:  Mannheimer Weihnachtsmarkt  I share a trip I took with a friend to visit her old stomping grounds over in Mannheim.

December 10th: In How do you Live your Life? Your invitation to be a Guest Blogger I invite you to share your life stories and passions!  When was the moment you knew your life had changed?  How did you find the light at then end of the tunnel? What was the life skill you had to figure out?

December 11th: There was a popular article making it’s way on the internet and it left me feeling like either they had not read Eric Greitens book or they had no idea how the advice applied to children.  In The difference between bouncing back and plowing through I give my advice as it relates to the book… based on my first impression from skimming the book.  Since then I have gone through it page by page.  If the overdue notice is any indication – it is a good book with an appeal to a higher order of intelligent thought and the warriors ethos.

December 12th: 5 things you should consider about parenting is the follow up post where I share how kids really learn to be resilient. From their parents.

December 18th: With the anniversary of my mother’s death approaching, I realized I was doing better with managing my depression but I wished someone had shared with me 21 secrets to handling depression.  

December 24th: Follow the Arrows marks the end of my “30” day blogging challenge, what I learned, and who should consider doing it.

December 30th: Patient Zero is my first “wordless post” – last year my New Years Resolution was to learn how to draw.  This endeavor often found itself forgotten at the end of a long day.  This year I’m taking my comic-journalist mission seriously.  You are already missing 3-5 pieces because I am not sure if I should share IRL names in a comic.  So I have to decide moving forward -if want to share them any way, blur the names before sharing, or use nicknames…

January 2nd: Surviving 2016 New Year Fireworks in Wiesbaden was a fun event! I was especially pleased with the moments I was able to capture.  Unfortunately that turned into 12 hours of looking and sorting 300 photos to share with you only a handful of my favorites!

January 3rd: I decided to shake off the funk and start the year off right with a First Day Hike at the Neroberg.  

There are still two trips that I haven’t shared with you yet – One to Limburg and one to Mainz.  I’m hoping to make a return trip with a focus on local eats.

Also about a month ago, I announced that I wanted to bring back my giveaways but I wanted to do something different. Well if you are a member of the Wandering Winkies it’s time for you to check in and take a look at December’s Winks for a chance to win our first loot.  Good Luck!

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