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Keto Friendly Vegan Kimchi

Can you ever have enough Kimchi?

No. Never. Which is why moving back to the states has been such a culture shock for me. I have to make my own since I no longer have the easy convenience of finding any of my favorite Korean goodies in every corner store.

Which is how I found myself making Kimchi…again. This time a keto friendly vegetarian Kimchi!

I often modify recipes, so when someone asks me for one I try and let them know where I found the original inspiration. For this spicy creation I used Minimalist Baker’s Easy vegan Kimchi, with a couple of small change ups;

  • Instead of 1/2 cup of chili flakes I used 1/4 cup.
  • Instead of chopping or grating the carrots – I threw the carrots into the blender with the rest of Kimchi chili sauce and pulverized them. This was my favorite change up. Traditional Kimchi asks for glutinous fine rice powder. Pureeing the carrots gave the sauce the kind of thickness that makes this look less watery.
  • I skipped the coconut sugar that was called for in the Vegan Fish Sauce. I understand the reason for it in helping the fermentation process but I simply felt it was sweet enough as is with the pineapple juice.

Make sure to check out Minimalist Baker’s Easy Kimchi which offers a detailed recipe broken down in 19 steps. There are details you may not be comfortable in skipping that you might appreciate as well as a couple links to recipes you can use your kimchi in!

In a nutshell here is a quick over view of my process;

  1. Rinse and cut your cabbage. Salt your cabbage and press down on it to help break your cabbage down.
  2. Make your Kimchi sauce. Make your vegan “fish” sauce.
  3. Flip cabbage and press.
  4. Add carrots to the Kimchi sauce and pulverize.
  5. Chop green onions.
  6. <I skipped the drying of the cabbage leaves because I felt I had the right amount of salt to work with.>
  7. Put kitchen gloves on. Coat cabbage with spicy Kimchi sauce. Mix in green onions.
  8. Pack in container of choice. Pack it in. It can take the pressure. Let it sit in container on counter for about 36-48 hours. Place in fridge.

How to Make your Kimchi Mild

At this point I tasted the end result and the Kimchi sauce was pulling no punches! Loved it but I knew that not everyone here could handle the heat. So in an effort to make it more mild I added another 1/4 cup of pineapple juice and 2 more tablespoons of the tamari/ soy sauce. Which seemed to do the trick. We will have to see how the fermentation process alters this for better or worse in a couple of days but this recipe is now my favorite go to Kimchi to make for my vegetarian family and friends!

Now if you want to do something wild, leave out the chili flakes when making the sauce. Kimchi comes in different flavors for different seasons and a Baek kimchi or white kimchi is one you can ferment and enjoy with the spicy chili flakes if you do not enjoy the heat of kimchi!

I’ll update later this week with the results.

In the meantime I hope this inspires you to make and eat more Kimchi! Yum!

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