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Life in a Military Penthouse

In my preparations for our move to Camp Humphreys I scoured the web for insight on what we needed to do for a smooth transition.

I devoured every source of information I could find from the comfort of our home in Germany. Sig Flips the Table and the local Garrison’s social media accounts were very helpful. From the spouse network via Facebook I learned that there was no room on post and we would need to find a place off post. Finally! We would get the chance to live off the economy and immerse ourselves in the local culture! I felt ready to take on the realtors and had a list of who I wanted to check out first.
Except when we in processed, Housing told us we were lucky. There were 5 bedrooms available in the new towers and we could move in on Friday!


Except. Didn’t the spouse network report that housing was full and no one could get on post? I was slightly disappointed. I was pumped up to do battle and now I didn’t need to do anything except pick the floor we would be living on.

Which was a dilemma all on its own. There are some pros and cons to living on the top floor. A place higher up means having a good breeze on a hot day, or having a relaxing view of the area. It also could mean issues with plumbing or air quality. I quickly weighed my options and decided on the first floor. Mainly because I thought it would be easier to get in and out of the building. Secretly I was weighing the lack of window escapes that I was accustomed to and how many stairs we needed to get down in the event of an emergency.

What floor would you rather be on?

Here is a sneak peak at a 5 bedroom place in the new towers on Camp Humphreys.

Opting to live in the tower on the ground floor is equally interesting.

For starters, our dog needs Xanax. She is a ferocious guard dog trapped in an eeny teeny body. The poor thing is wearing herself out running back and forth, barking at all the invisible dangers that lurk behind the door. I tried to help her understand what she is going on. We stood at our front door and watched people coming and going from the elevator. I tried telling her, it is okay, they live here too. But I don’t think she believes me.

Poor Melody trying to keep this family safe is hard work!

It doesn’t end there. When we were in the hotel, all the people coming and going for morning PT would set the dog off. I kind of hope she would be more chill about it once we moved into a place of our own. Nope. Normally it would take 5 alarms in the morning to get me going. Now I can confidently say I no longer need them. I am becoming a morning person, thanks to my Chihuahua.

Ahh, but here comes my favorite part so far. Like everyone else in the towers we have a nice patio with large glass windows. It has taken people watching to whole new level. Instead of looking over the balcony to view life below, we are on display for everyone walking to the dog park or taking out the trash. I am toying with the idea of pretending to be a mannequin in the window, just to mess with some of them. But a living room with wall length windows is a like a T.V. that’s always on and we are equally entertained by the life in front of our windows. Take for instance the weird people squatting behind the bushes. What’s going on there!? Thankfully, it turns out they were only smokers checking out their phones! This morning vehicles pulled into “our” yard… because someone has moved in above us. We watched the movers work and the movers watched us. With so much going on, it can be distracting, and I am worried I may have chosen poorly. Can anyone tell me if life on the top floor is any better?

The view of our front yard.

I suppose I really don’t have anything to complain about when the whole moving in process was efficient. It does mean we need to make more of an effort to get off post and immerse ourselves in the local culture but it also means we are physically closer to all the comforts of a military community.

While I’m dealing with our newfound open lifestyle, I hope that the people walking by (trying not to be nosey) will someday be cool enough to look me in the eye and wave.

I’m not sure if we chose wisely but it is where we now call home.  If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and say hello-and if you happen to find a couple of window clings that can magically turn our view into a beach front property, bring those with you!

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  1. Amy

    Awe poor puppy. ;( Hooefully soon enough the pups will get settled in. I think we may have chose the bottom floor aS well. It’s easier to get in and out And the kids can be watched and heard at a safer distance. Oh, no one can hear all the stomping, jumping of the kids etc. 🙂

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