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Once upon a time I was a single mother in Okinawa.

I was far from home and disconnected from the support of my natural family.   I was lost and overwhelmed when a group of ladies took me in.  They shared their family’s stories and traditions with me by bringing me into their homes.

Through them I got a chance to see how they ran their household.  I saw their parenting philosophy first hand.  I saw the effect it had on the children.  I saw things that I liked and things I knew wouldn’t work for me.  I witnessed that each family had different priorities.  I learned to make parts of their philosophy my own.

It is because I they shared their hearts and help me feel connected in this world that I am inviting you to think about sharing your own philosophy and way of life.  Everyone has a story, and yours can help lend some perspective to our diverse community!

The main focus on this blog is about living life, without judging.

That no matter how imperfect it may look to one person it actually has its own kind of balance.  Crap happens and we learn to deal with it.  Sometimes sharing our struggles and our solutions helps us learn to deal with problems in a new light.  To that end I try to share my own struggles and how I face it with a touch of humor.  I talk about my mental well-being, my family, events in the world, writing, traveling and capturing the moments that make me happy.  You can find more about what were doing as homeschooling over at Phoenix Rising Homeschoolers.

I welcome you to share a post featuring how you overcame or how you are dealing with something you struggle with.  Did you find your peace?  What did you do to keep going?  What inspires you to keep on winking ?  We also love to hear how you are taking care of yourself or something that made you more aware of the world around you!

Here are some ideas for your submission!

  • For our Living Your Life Projects we look for snapshots of you capturing the moments that matter to you.  This could be a journal entry or a photograph that captured a moment that represents you and your family. It could be a hobby, craft, or art project you are working on.  We want you to share what makes you, you!
  • For our Life Goes On we look for things that encourage to handle life and it’s obstacles.  Life isn’t always glamorous and sometimes it is the little things that matter.  How do you handle it?  This life didn’t come with an instruction book, so how do you act? What helps you stay centered and moving forward in this world?
  • For our Through The Lens we look for camera lovers to share their stories through photographs.  Your story could be a trip around the world, a family trip, an adventure your backyard. Where have you wandered to lately?  What did you discover?
  • For our Travel Winks we look for stories about souvenirs, culture shocks, and memorable moments that make our eyes twinkle.  What caught your eye?

Sounds like your kind of tea party?

Great! Use the Contact Us  page to get started.  We look forward to hearing your story! 😉

2 thoughts on “Share Your Story With US!

  1. Justine Pretorious

    This is a great idea!

    1. Keep On Winking with Christi

      Ideally I would love to do an interview over coffee or tea. Maybe a drawing exercise or coloring challenge. LoL right now that would have to be over Google Hangouts or Blab. I thought maybe a guest post might be easier?

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