• Military Life

    Chocolate Berlin Bomber Returns to Frankfurt

    My thoughts are still on Berlin.  So it may come as no surprise to you why I was devastated to find out this morning that U.S. Army Air Corps Col. (Ret.) Gail Halvorsen returned to Frankfurt… 7 days ago. Any hope of meeting this amazing hero was non-existent because no one had notified the American military forces in the area.  At least not publicly. If you are not sure who he is or why he is important I would understand.  My earliest recollection was a byline in high school!  However we have a great library staff that constantly brings interesting subjects forward.  Which is why earlier this year around Memorial…

  • Travel Tips

    Scouting New Places to Take the Family! Here are My Top 5

    I love to travel the way some people can take solace in knitting a scarf. My friend calls this angry knitting. My step-mom describes this as allowing the magic to flow through you. All I know is if there is such a thing as a knitting chakra, it’s blocked. My travel chakra on the other hand is my center.  Right next to that is my writing chakra.  When I think of what helps me rebalance and recharge my life energy, it usually comes down to those two.  Protecting the flow of what works is a serious keystone to being happy. For me that means sometimes we shouldn’t do something because we are…

  • Postcards from Life

    Capturing Berlin

    “Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin.” – Hiroshi Motomura, Immigration Outside the Law Berlin was an interesting place.  A single visit may never be enough! Read more over at;  The Walls We Build Chocolate Berlin Bomber Returns to Frankfurt Have you had the chance to visit Berlin?  Is it on your bucket list? Did you know about Martin Luther King Jr. visiting Berlin?  I’ll laugh everytime I show my passport! Read why at German-Way.com

  • Living Your Life

    The Walls We Build

    A couple of weeks before my 10th birthday the Berlin Wall fell. I saw it on the T.V. and asked why so many people peacefully gathered to destroy a wall. I would spend the rest of my life asking why so many people allowed the walls to be built in the first place… And how we can tear down the walls in our own country. From then on I watched every debate that I could. Not just snippets from the evening news. Sometimes it sucked watching the whole thing, but I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I wanted to come to my own conclusions. I strongly felt…

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