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The Walls We Build

A couple of weeks before my 10th birthday the Berlin Wall fell.

I saw it on the T.V. and asked why so many people peacefully gathered to destroy a wall.

I would spend the rest of my life asking why so many people allowed the walls to be built in the first place…

And how we can tear down the walls in our own country.

From then on I watched every debate that I could. Not just snippets from the evening news. Sometimes it sucked watching the whole thing, but I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth. I wanted to come to my own conclusions.

I strongly felt that it was our duty to be a part of the process.

That being aware of the issues and actively participating meant we could avoid the atrocities and sufferings.

I thought as Americans we could learn from lessons of others to avoid that pain and come on top. Leading the world in an example of a better society.

What I have learned from the behavior and remarks from my fellow Americans is that a great many do not believe that such tragic events (like the Holocaust) ever occurred. They believe it to be a political lie to manipulate the people.

Even if at one time they were aware of it being a truth, they chose to forget. When we forget history repeats itself and often happens on our own soil. (Japanese Internment Camps)

When we turn a blind eye to another’s suffering. When we fail to admit the evidence before our eyes or angrily deny it for our peace of mind. When we choose fear and hate. We build a wall.

Then we forget and wonder why.

I thought it was our diversities that would bring us strength. When I turn to nature the answer is diversities make us stronger or more able to solve problems in our environment.

Instead I find scared people convinced that they should rely wholly on the reasons to NOT trust each other. I discovered that the war on Christians is not so much from non-Christians as it is Christians versus Christians.

Less than 75% of the United States is of a Christian denomination. Active and inactive members included. You might congratulate yourself until you realize that number is declining. The war is really about reclaiming the “lost” souls that they first shunned. There would be no war if we didn’t insist on building walls…

So if the majority of Americans are Christians… what does a Christian Nation look like? There are so many versions of that vision. The only common denominator is that I am right and you are wrong. Here I thought it would be a nation of love, acceptance, and peace.

Not every church is bad. The key role of any church is to provide a community of support. It works as long as they serve the needs of their communities.

Unfortunately a great many openly teach that other flocks of Christ are wrong. They openly preach and fellowship to steal from other flocks to add to their own.

Some of them purposely singling out a church they see as competition and producing anti-literature. I have seen them visit other churches and take ideas to improve their flock’s church experience and I have seen some churches (even my own) push away their flock.

They don’t know how to embrace someone different. They condemn and criticize the poor or those going through rough times, not knowing that the member sitting next to them is going through that experience or knows someone who is. They are eager to call them sinners but forget to offer the Christ-like love they tout or promise to give, share hope, or at least hold their hand while they are so burden by circumstances beyond their control.

So instead of a Christian nation we have several nations warring for control. Take a look at how that 75% breaks down in this Pew Report.

Only when Christians accept Christians AND act like Christians will this be a nation that can claim that title. Until then, it’s a wall that divides us into many fractals. It keeps us from being whole.

The war is also the reason more and more Americans will turn away from religious organizations. And the trend is growing.

But that’s not the only wall Americans have built.

We build Quality of Life walls.

We build walls of double standards. We demand a single mother/father to work 2-3 jobs because there will be hell to pay if we pay $1 more for our Big Mac, but then we turn around and judge them as a parent. A tired, over worked parent who doesn’t have time to spend with their family. Who snaps and errs… all the while we know that the loving quality of the environment of that child heavily influences who they will as an adult in our society.

We judge their life and how they should run it because you’re doing it wrong… but we are too scared to live it, to touch it and see for ourselves… if we could do better given the same circumstances.

We demand they seek independence from their financial or physical situation but then we go out of our way to keep them from gaining independence. We build walls and valleys to keep them from the knowledge, the skill, and the resources that can aid their recovery.

We want to regulate our neighbor’s way of life, but we don’t want to be regulated by our neighbors.

So many walls, and we built that.

But we can overcome. We can tear down those walls by meeting at those walls. Acknowledging that it is indeed a wall and then joining as one nation and one thought to tear down the wall with joy. You cannot use the emotions and tools of your enemy to win the day.

You cannot live by Fear and expect to have Joy.

I can’t live that way.

Let me show you the tools that I use to weigh the positive & negative energy in my life. By these same measure it determines who I associate more with and who I should invest my time in.

When we gather and support tribes of Positivity we empower Americans to tear down walls.

The 3 Main Tools to keep in your Belt is LOVE – HOPE – PATIENCE

Love is energy and has the ability to transform a person. Charity is the purest form of love in action. It paves the way for an environment of kindness in relationships and celebrates in joy. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

Hope is desire and a gift. It is the light of one’s soul. It is confidence in goodness and generosity. It is the energy from the actions of those who live and do right, who are willing and persistent in Optimism. By giving hope to others we give them encouragement to endure. We give the raw materials, the beginnings of love unrealized.

Peace and Patience is understanding that we cannot control the results, only our actions. It is self-control and tolerance creating wisdom and compassion in action. It paves the way for true forgiveness and provides an environment of love. (Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living)

Every time you give a Wink you grow stronger!

When you Give A Wink, ask yourself which of these tools are you using?

(continue to Finding the Right Tools)

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