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    The difference between bouncing back and plowing through

    I recently reread a soundbite from Inc.com about 10 things mentally tough people do.  It was titled, Want to Raise Resilient Kids? A Navy SEAL Says Always Do This. You might have seen and thought it was insightful.  The first two times I read it I thought it was okay.  Mostly because the way it read was not about being mentally tough.  It wasn’t about resiliency. Even though the author of the article shared the definition of Resilience, as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness,” he neglected to show that any of the 10 things mentioned would increase someone’s ability to bounce back from hard times. More importantly while this was directed…

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    Why I Survived Depression and Choose to Live

    Wow. I ran across an emotional post from a year ago. (Down the Rabbit Hole) A post that had ties to a more difficult time. I realized I left a lot of things unsaid. Mostly because I wanted to be a 100% sure I had moved passed it before I talked about it. I discovered that depression is not something you can give up when you’ve had enough.  It was easier to ignore and live with it.  It was like a friend who comforted you by telling you the world was a cruel place.  You shouldn’t dare hope for anything better.  This is all there is. Except I do remember…

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    Rising Up Again

    I have never been more grateful to do things differently than this past year.  One being we tend to celebrate holidays… like Christmas… a week or two before.  Sometimes we celebrate long after.  It gives us time to be together and to enjoy the holiday on our own schedule.  Then my mother passed away and my world fell apart.  I no longer cared about the holidays. Everything was rushed. The funeral. The grieving. We had to hurry back and get my husband ready for drill school. There were resources to delay the orders… to allow us to recover… and those in authority would not hear of it. There world was not…

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