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    17 Things You Didn’t Know You Could See between Nantes and Dinan

    With a well planned itinerary it’s real easy to zip from Nantes to Mont-Saint-Michel without a thought to the things you might be missing between them. Here are few places you should consider along the way! Saint-Nazaire has several nice beaches and an interesting museum on transatlantic ocean liners, known as the (1) Escal’Atlantic experience. You might also enjoy visiting the submarine (2) Espadon and the (3) Ecomusée, but you will need to arrange ahead of time if you plan to tour the (4) Shipyard STX, (5) the Airbus Factory, or the (6) harbor terminals. I was personally surprised to see several enlarged pictures of (7) The Adventures of Tintin comic on our wanderings.  I learned that the inspiration for…

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