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5 Medieval Stops from Dinan to Pontorson You don’t want to Miss!


How neat would it be to explore Breton by it’s legends?

How about it’s King Arthur legends?

Yes, that’s right.  For many years I wrongly assumed Brittany was Britain!  I don’t know if I should blame a faulty world education in my upbringing or the influence of Monty Python that insisted the two were the same.  Now I know better and so do you.  Which brings us to this leg of the journey, exploring Breton through it’s medieval heritage and legends!


  • Enjoy a walk in the heart of the King Arthur stories!  The Lady of the Lake and Merlin’s Tomb are a few of the places you can see in the legendary forest of Brocéliande.
  • Visit the Arthurian Center at Château de Comper to see the Knights of the Round Table.  When the center is closed for the winter, the Little House of Legends in the town of Concoret is a good alternative.



  • Moulin a vent de Moidrey is a working windmill you can tour!  There are several types of flour you can purchase, including a good quality buckwheat flour for your crepes.
  • The famous UNESCO abbey, Mont-Saint-Michel is about 10 minutes away from the windmill.  You will have a couple options to make your final approach.  Walk, pay for ride in a horse drawn wagon, or take the free bus in front of the tourist office. The pathway leading through the center of town and up to the abbey was crowded!  On the way back down we found it easier to shop for what we want by walking through a shop to the outer balcony.  It was less crowded and eventually led to a staircase near the entrance.
  • Explore the bays surrounding Mont-Saint-Michel through a local tour of shrimping, traditional fishery, and mussel farming with the Marin Train!

Continue your journey along the northern coast of France to Normandy.

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