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Mainz Walking Tour Part One

I recently decided to take advantage of the USO Wiesbaden’s walking tour in Mainz. While the main idea was to help orientate newcomers to the city, I had an ulterior motive in going.

I wanted to spend some one-on-one time with my oldest son and I wanted to test out a newly acquired refurbished Panasonic DMC-G5 from to see if it would work for me as a lightweight travel camera.

I switched between a couple of settings in an attempt to get to know my camera a little better.  Overall I loved the details the camera was able to pic up even though I wasn’t shooting in RAW.  The only corrections I felt I wanted to make were the ones I took inside Augustinerkirche, where I needed to raise my exposure.  Compare with my first attempt over on the 2015 Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt post.

Making our way to the Gutenbergplatz we found the Saturday market.  Notice the ambiance of the Mainzer Dom?  Only half of the pictures turned out well but I think the camera did a good job.  Although I discarded several blurry pictures I figured out it was due to when the lens was fully extended.

Continue with the Mainz Walking Tour-Part Two.

Walking in Mainz

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  • Part Five-Zitadelle and Stadthistorisches Museum Mainz
  • Part Six-Romisches Theater and Roman Antique Ships Museum

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