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Capturing Prague with Kids

Prague was a beautiful place to stroll and explore with family and friends! The hardest part was figuring out how to buy our tickets for the tram into town.  Thankfully our hotel gave us a nice map and explained which type of tram tickets were available.

Day One

Making our way to the connection closest to us, we realized we had a different problem-finding a way to pay for our fare.  Finally I spotted something green and the size of a trash can between two sheltered bus benches.  Was that it? Yes it was.  We guesstimated which line was the right one and hoped it would take us to the center of town.  We did not arrive where I expected and I was so flustered I said screw this getting stressed out over self-navigating and going the wrong way stuff.  I found the first hop-on-hop-off service and this one wins the day because it made me smile!

The best part was that it took us directly to all the places we wanted to see and helped me get my bearings again.  Overall it was a good experience!

The second hardest part of this trip was finding kid-friendly and vegetarian places to eat.  Most of these places we saw didn’t look like it was a place for kids.  Scanning several menus led us to believe offerings for vegetarians were limited.  We didn’t even see pizza places that could accommodate all seven of us.  One of the places we found and deeply enjoyed was near the monastery-restaurant inside of a cave fashioned as a medieval wine cellar, called Peklo or Hell!  It was a good place to try the monastery beers and get a relaxing bite to eat.

Seriously the best cheese platter in all of my travels!  You see that blue cheese?  I don’t like blue cheese, I avoid it like the plague.  Nobody else was touching it either, so I decided to try it and wow-I think I have sorely misjudged moldy cheese!

Waiting for the next pickup we found ourselves a little bored and started a game.

We did manage to find several options for dining near Charles Bridge and the one we decided on was a charming place called the Residence U Černého orla-Restaurant.  The menu has a good selection of the most authentic and yummy Czech dishes we were able to find.

There were no children’s menu to order from but we found something to everyone’s liking here, including our vegetarian friend.  Some of the memorable dishes we found here were the salad with goat cheese, eggplant caviar, lamb sausages, creamy garlic soup, roasted pork knee, and the carp chips.  We didn’t realize how filling the smaller plates were!

The only thing that turned me off were the bread dumplings which were dense.  Take my advice and treat them as garnish.  While the food was amazingly done and the place offered a nice selection of adult beverages, the real win was how pleasant the staff was in accommodating our group.

Stuffed but determined, we rounded the night up with a Trdelník-a chimney cake filled with your choice of filling.  We decided on chocolate and caramel syrup and munched on it while we took in a local show.

Dragging ourselves off to bed I realized that my only regret is that I didn’t book the hotel above the restaurant-it would have been nice to pop down for breakfast!

Day Two

Today we are taking advantage of a combination discount and use it to go sight seeing on the river!

We had a relaxing time in Prague.  The buskers and vendors on Charles’ Bridge were a favorite for us all.  We picked up a couple pieces of art and a CD of one of the groups we were enjoying.  What can I say? I’m a sucker for violins and ABBA.  

Here are a few places we are keeping in mind for next time;

  • Vegans Prague, I wish had discovered this while we were there!
  • Eat with Locals, a food tour exploring the local history and culture
  • Speculum Alchemiae Museum
  • Memorial to the Victims of Communism
  • Prague Zoo

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