Laughing Out Loud

The day I finally came clean to my husband…

Honesty is the base of our relationship.

So I decided that as we neared our 7th anniversary that I needed to let my partner know the truth.

The real truth.

There was nothing to do but give it to him straight.

good people

“Honey, I am the Good Idea Fairy.”

“Noooo, no way am I believing that.”

“Why not?”

“I hate the Good Idea Fairy. If I saw her I would kill her on site.”

Yep. It was pretty much going the way I expected. I pressed forward on the hope that our love would see us through this…

“The Good Idea Fairy is always giving someone great ideas but is never there to do the work.” He continued, “Especially when those ideas are pointless and don’t take into account how long a project will take or cost.”

I knew he was talking about the guys at work who showed up at his office and demanded immediate attention on a pet project, without regard to the time it would require or the mission essential projects that took priority above it. Sadly it’s the curse of having many bosses to answer to.

“I don’t think I can be accountable for that, I don’t know what fairy they are talking to but it wasn’t me.

Seriously, it’s a case of mistaken identity. Right now some fairy is running around stirring up trouble just to see what he or she can get away with. There is no way that “I” can be in every conference room. Heck the Tooth Fairy gets a better rep, and she takes a piece of a kid and exchanges it for money or treats!

Hmmm, maybe I need to work on my PR. I suppose I could leave a calling card… a cup of tea? A plant to brighten their day?

I’ll work on it.

Really. I am the Good Idea Fairy.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Prove it.”

“Well look at all the projects I have running around here. Think back to the last time I moved furniture around. Everything is always in a constant state of flux, and they are all related to a having a good idea.”

“What!? I thought that was your Feng Shui!”

“See? I changed a couple of words and you don’t even bat an eye.” With a twinkle in my eye I push my luck, “you don’t even put up a fight.”

Shocked by the new realization, I could see him taking a moment to think back to every time I might have waved a wand.

“Well at least you participate in your good ideas… and when things don’t work out you acknowledge it. I suppose I can deal with that…”

Hmmm. I notice I have been actively participating in my own ideas for some time now. Seems like he made sure he was at work or out of the country when I was working on an idea. Maybe I shouldn’t tell him about what I’m planning. Maybe I should spring the next one on him? Shhhh….

I don’t know if our relationship is better for having told the truth. Will he hesitate the next time I suggest something?

Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but I was tired of having my name thrown around like a bad word. People repeat what they hear so often and without realizing they start believing it without a second thought. If anything, I am a deep thinker. Basically I don’t want people to be so against a fairy helping them out! Some of my ideas have really encourage people to do the things they needed to do.

Besides I wanted to be the one to tell him. Better from me then from someone else. Then the trust is broken.

The best part is I don’t have to hide it anymore and boy does that free up time to get back to doing what I love. 😉

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