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Where we wandered in April 2015

Dear April,

With camera in hand I went out with an intention of taking pictures of our life with you.
I discovered that a nice camera doesn’t mean you will instantly have better pictures.
It did provide a better quality and in a way it was therapeutic for me. And as an art form – a way for me to express what I see.

As enjoyable as it was, it was equally frustrating to see something and miss capturing the right moment. Around the 2000th shot, I decided I was making the process too difficult by trying to capture the perfect moment. Mostly because I wanted to keep all of the pictures I took! (Which I find takes away from a picture’s ability to tell a story.) Something needed to change

I decided I wanted to work on finding the one picture I want… and THAT takes practices.

Here is a look at some of my favorite shots from my first 2000 attempts and what will go in this year’s family yearbook;

My first experience with my own Nikon was a walk around the neighborhood with friends. The kids invited their friends which was fun for them… but exhausting for me. New rule – no more than one kid for each adult hand present.

Easter was my first attempt at a holiday. Everything was fairly fast pace and I didn’t really like anything I did that day. I had the foresight to ask Honey Bear to take pictures as well. He really annoyed me by taking one picture and *BAM* it was exactly what I wanted. His ability totally mocks me and inspires me at the same time…

We were invited over for an Easter dinner with a lovely friend who hails from Alaska and I let the camera out again. The variety of playgrounds here astound me. They really speak to me that they care about children playing – and that they were designed from the viewpoint of the child. Makes me want to go out and build an adult playground!

The next opportunity I had was the Chocolate factory in Koln. This was challenging because of the different lighting scenarios and the random rear ends of strangers entering the frame at the level of a cute face! I also learned that there was a special lens for removing the reflection I kept getting from display cases.

Writing the blog post for that event made me realize I had to be a bit more decisive when I took the photo or the editing process would be a nightmare. I took some time off to really process this and decide what I was going to do…

Finally April, we went to the Witches Market in Idstein!

This was another crowded event which made certain family members uncomfortable. Luckily for us it rained and forced everyone to take cover. We were able to hide under the awning of a stone door that faced the children’s theater. When the rain stopped the traffic was much more manageable.

One thing we need to work on? Costumes! You get a discount for dressing up and the vendors on site can help you get started for a fair price!

April JPEG-0624a

The authenticity of their costumes makes you wonder what their comic con is like!

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