The verdict is in

Thank you for participating in our Happy Birthday poll & giveaway!

Our winner is Kimberly Kline of Access Profiles, Inc.  Who has decided that the gift card would make an excellent Christmas gift!

What was the final outcome?  The vote was 15 for M rated games and 1 against! Seriously, who has my back here?

*sigh* Well I’ll keep my word and let him have access to M rated games.

The thing is… I still won.  I was able to prove to a reluctant reader and writer that he could do it.  The confidence he gained is absolutely worth honoring our deal!

Neko is a private person, but he did agree to answer a couple of questions for me in exchange for a couple scoops of cookies and cream ice cream.

What is your favorite food? Or what could you eat every day?  My fav food is pizza or I could eat chips every day.  My fav chips are the spicy Doritos!  

What is your favorite color?  Fav color is yellow.  I also like black and red.

What kind of music do you like to listen to?  I like dubstep and some trap music.  I like to listen to it when I do my homework or when I play my games.  I also like anything with an electric guitar in it.

You didn’t like the idea of leaving everything you knew to live overseas.  Has your opinion of Germany changed over the last year?  What do you like about it? What don’t you like?  I like Germany a bit more than I thought it.  I think the castles are neat and the air is clear! Getting a breath of fresh air is a thing here.  What I don’t like is my mom’s driving.  I never liked it, but it’s scarier on these skinny roads!

Is there any place in the world you would love to visit? I would love to go to London to see the Tardis cafe.

Now it’s your turn.  Do you have any questions for him?


4 thoughts on “The verdict is in

  1. Kimberly Kline

    With you on the Tardis cafe Neko! Love anything Dr. Who! And congratulations on your win! Stay responsible!

    1. Neko

      Thank you Kimberly! 😀 Seriously you are awesome!

  2. Aunt Connie

    When are you visiting me ?

    What do you think you want to be as an adult?

    What’s your favorite game to play?

    What’s your favorite subject to learn about?

    1. Neko

      1. Aunt Connie, I’ll probably see you in about 2 years. Unless you come to see us first!

      2. I don’t know. Mom says I can’t be a YouTuber or a video game tester. (Totally crushing my dreams.) I’m interested in game development or design or music production.

      3. Right now my favorite game is Dark Souls 2. Though Fallout 4 is looking to be my new fav!

      4. My favorite subject is probably math. It’s really easy when I have my music in the background. 😀

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