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Eiswelt in Mainz

I finally figured out that when the weather has chilled with a wetness that makes us shiver but not quite cold enough for snow, then we can know for a certainty that winter has to come to Germany.

Looking for a little winter cheer, the girls and I decided to join our local homeschool friends for a trip to Eiswelt in Mainz.

The website and booklet, when translated, tells us that the ice sculpture exhibit is the work of nineteen international artists.  Several of which are world champions.  In four months they worked in cold conditions and diligently crafted from 500 ice blocks of different sizes, 200 tons of snow and 200 tons of ice, with great detail into the magic winter land we saw before us.  See more pictures of the ice sculptures while under construction over at Das Ding.

The largest piece was 6 meters, about 20 feet, high and nearly 8 tons heavy!  Some of the sculptures were familiar to us through the various Christmas stories.  Others, like the Mainer Dom and the iconic Jester representing Die Mainzer Fachnacht, were tributes to Mainz itself.  Although I wonder why the jester is inviting us to sit down?  Perhaps he is up to some sort of mischief or maybe he wants us to relax after such an eventful season? 

I loved how interactive some of the sculptures were!  As if to stay, we want you to take pictures here! We want you to remember your visit with us here!  You don’t often get that when it comes to exhibits.  It’s often see but don’t touch when it comes to art.  I guess they are confident that the sculptures will not melt?

At the end of the exhibit we discovered the gastronomy and a bookstore.  The books were all in German so sadly we had to pass but it looked like a nice selection!  At the cafe our tickets gave us a discount on our choice of a tea or coffee with a slice of cake.  Have I told you how much I love apfel kuchen?

Next it’s off to the Christmas Markets but before we go, I’ll share below my favorite *winks* from this trip!

While checking out the ice sculptures I came across these two in action.

I think one was trying to take a picture of the Christmas Pyramid to the right.  The other I would guess is strategically trying the capture the sleigh across the room.  However the crossfire from this angle makes it look like they are capturing each other.  All I know was that the lighting in the exhibit was challenging and with all the attendees passing by them while they were trying to take their shots, they didn’t seem flustered.

See more of our *winks* on Instagram.

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