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What does this symbol mean?

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Symbols used & Why:

The unicorn represents innocence, purity, and healing.

The dragon to show the defender & the protector.

The phoenix to show that no matter the trial we will rise again.

Each symbol was placed in the Sam Saeg-ui Taegeuk. A Korean Yin Yang symbol that represents heaven, earth, and humanity.

  • The Unicorn is positioned in Heaven’s section (normally blue I decided to go with Orange to represent new ideas & freedom from limitations. It is also the color of hope during difficult times by giving us permission to move on. In other words it rejuvenates & inspires adventurers to seek their goals. Plus Brian thinks it looks better).
  • The red section is Earth.
  • The yellow section is Humanity.
  • Together they represent unity, harmony, completeness.

I not only feel this new logo represents me personally and my core beliefs but also each stage of growth in my life.  I was telling my Dad; I think it also represents the different people in my life!

For example If I were to say today I was the part of the unicorn in our family and Brian is the dragon, when I switch roles and become the dragon it is not very productive and ends up destroying things that are most important to me.

Alone the forces our roles represent can be destructive or forgotten.

This symbol is a wheel because it constantly changes position according to our circumstances and actions.  It is a reminder to me that we each have experiences that sometimes differ from each other.  That as we come to understand each other better, we do our part to help balance and master our humanity.

Looking at the new symbol, what part of that represents where you are in life today?

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