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    Life in a Military Penthouse

    In my preparations for our move to Camp Humphreys I scoured the web for insight on what we needed to do for a smooth transition. I devoured every source of information I could find from the comfort of our home in Germany. Sig Flips the Table and the local Garrison’s social media accounts were very helpful. From the spouse network via Facebook I learned that there was no room on post and we would need to find a place off post. Finally! We would get the chance to live off the economy and immerse ourselves in the local culture! I felt ready to take on the realtors and had a…

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    What was YOUR Sweetest Day Like?

    Seriously. What is Valentine’s Day really about? Why does this horrible holiday make it so hard to show that you care? You can have all of the details come together perfectly… and then you wonder… did I buy enough? Will they like it? Will the roses die in my car before I get home? Should I pick chocolate and flowers up on my way home and risk the vendor being out of what I had my heart set on? Each year I tell myself, okay this year will be different… and it kind of is. Then we end up standing in an hour long line at our favorite restaurant and…

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    Walking in a Winter Wonderland in a New Year

    Here I am working on organizing and uploading pictures to share when I come across our pictures from our First Hike of the year. The snow was melting too quickly in our neighborhood so we drove out to place we knew would be beautiful because of the freshly falling snow… it was picture perfect.  Except we ran into a couple of hiccups because we were not really prepared to walk a terrain that was suddenly a bit more challenging due to the snow. It was interesting to see which kids thought I was joking when I suggested wearing thermals and boots.  Which kids ignored me when I reminded them that while we…

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    The February 28 Day Life on Paper Challenge

    The 2017 Challenges is off to a good start! I’ve recently added a Life on Paper Instagram account to support the group.  In my previous post I talked about the goal of the challenge is to write down our memories at least once a week… or to write down a few snippets of our lives via the monthly prompts.  You are invited to participate in the manner that is best for you.   One of the ways I’ve decided to embrace this challenge is by keeping a mini journal.  I’m a very curious sort of person and I’ve always wondered what my parents’ and grandparents’ normal day looks like.  What were their daily ups and downs?  Did…

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    Let’s Take a Moment to Reflect on the Battle of Normandy

    My husband served with the Big Red One and is familiar with the events of the battle, so this Memorial was a good place for us to ponder and let soak in what happened here. Taking a moment to reflect on the Battle of Normandy I found this neat infographic by Gabriela Munoz to share with you.      The battle of                     normandy  Create your own infographics Jessica Talarico gives us something to think about with the 10 things You Need to Know about D-Day. …and History.com breaks it down with D-Day by the Numbers.  

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    Can Traveling Make You More Resilient?

    A better life is virtually impossible without a succinct and clearly defined vision. What is a vision? A vision is a preferable picture of the future. A man without a vision is a man without a future, a man without a future will always go back to his past. Whenever you lack a clearly defined picture of the future, you tend to focus on your yesterday.         -Bernard Branson Traveling is undeniably the best way for us to see what’s out there -and then what’s inside. Our little adventures helps us do more than imagine a different life or a different culture. It inspires us to go in…

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