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Word of the Day S.H.I.T.

Last weekish I offered a personal word challenge and invited you to join me.  If you need a reminder of why we are doing a wordy post linkup, please see the original post: Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Sweet Honey Iced Tea

Basically I’m making an effort to learn new words in the hope that it will help to rewire my brain.  If nothing else, by participating we will all have more words to express ourselves.  Which brings us to today!

The Linky rules are very simple.

You can use the words I share with you or share words you are learning.  At the beginning of each month I will share a collection of words for you to review.  At the end of the month the goal is share at least one of those words with each other in an effort to enrich our lives.

I am personally challenging myself to review and learn at least 3 words each week.  One of those words I will try to do something creative with it.

What did I do with the S.H.I.T. words?

Since we started mid month the word list is short.  I have to admit we did over used the word abhor and probably neglected using acrasial.  Although we did get a chance to observe meltdowns over video games and days that made us feel ranty…  So it’s kind of like the same thing, right?

Honey Bear and I bantered back n’ forth over a list of things we abhor.  I asked the kids what they abhorred and found the list fairly short. The survey was 3 for bugs and 1 for jump scares.

Continuing our bit of artistic fun, I gave each child a letter from the word ludic.  I gave them a one minute challenge to turn the letter into something else.  They had a blast with this activity making snails and faces.  I was actually a bit impressed with their doodles.

Getting this linky ready did make me a tad thirsty to see what you came up with!

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Sweet honey iced tea got fixed

The definitions for these words can be found here.

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